Climate, Environment and Sustainability

Climate, Environment and Sustainability


Vision: To seek to inform long-term developmental and policy decisions using in-depth analysis of technology options, and identify pragmatic solutions for India's climate crisis, in line with global scientific research and in sync with the national context.


We tackle emerging issues in Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience, Air Pollution, and Environmental Sustainability, with scientific analysis that informs and enables timely policy action. We believe that India's climate change mitigation and adaptation actions require an interdisciplinary approach, which includes modelling of environmental, energy, and economic systems at various scales. We look at long-term societal and policy transitions through pragmatic policy solutions - based on technology and appraisal of global scientific research in the national context. At the Centre for Air Pollution Studies, we conduct research in air pollution monitoring, measurement, and modelling to inform policy decisions and develop implementable action plans.