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CSTEP launched the eARTh Initiative on 14 October at the Bangalore International Centre, bringing art to the heart of climate action. The event brought together scientists, artists, conservationists, and citizens to explore how art and science can meet to trigger a positive change for the planet. 


The panel discussion on 'How can art and the artist contribute to the climate conversation?' explored new avenues through which art can embrace science and motivate citizens to incorporate behavioural changes that promote climate action. The event also had invigorating musical performances from Vasu Dixit and Anoushka Maskey. The Bangalore Little Theatre performed Thermos, a short and interactive play on global warming and climate change.


The objective of the eARTh Initiative is to build a community/collective of artists and communicators to highlight the climate crisis in an accessible manner to trigger climate action. An artist collective to mentor young artists and a climate fellowship for students are also in the works. 


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