Sustainable Urban Planning Strategies for Cities in Karnataka

CSTEP undertook several studies towards enabling sustainable urban planning strategies for Karnataka.

Volume I: A Proof-of-Concept Urban Observatory Platform for Karnataka

The objective of the project was to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) of an Urban Observatory platform for Karnataka, which can carry out geo-spatial data analyses and visualisation to enable data-driven decision-making.
The Urban Observatory explored how a complete data story around a specific theme can be presented by collecting, integrating, analysing and visualising data from multiple sources. The PoC demonstrates these features through the themes of ‘noise pollution’ and ‘understanding city growth dynamics’. This PoC Urban Observatory can be expanded to explore other urban themes and can be replicated to create similar observatories for other cities in Karnataka.
Explore the Urban Observatory.

Volume II: Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Transport Strategies for Cities in Karnataka

The objective of this project was to identify strategic priorities for sustainable urban water, sanitation, and transport planning in different regions/cities of Karnataka.
In this study, the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) was applied to formulate contextually-relevant water and sanitation strategies for different urban geographies in the state. The project demonstrated how cities can conduct pre-feasibility assessment for choosing the right sanitation technologies for their context. The study also suggested possible EV penetration strategies in different transport modes for different city categories.