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A Framework and Case Example for Evaluating Cost-Effectiveness of Information Services Across Technologies- Publications

This paper introduces a framework to examine the relative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different information and communications technologies to deliver a range of social services, using a case example of rural Bangladesh.

Information Technology: The Digital Vaccine During the Pandemic- Publications

While information technology may not be the solution to all the problems ailing the world today, the pandemic has proven that it sure is the adhesive that glues things from falling apart.

How the India Clean Air Summit is Emerging as a Unique Platform for Knowledge Sharing- Publications

The fifth India Clean Air Summit (ICAS) — the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy’s flagship event on air pollution — will be held from 22–24 August in Bengaluru.

Creating Solar "Parks" in Cities- Publications

Rooftop photovoltaic (RTPV) systems are intended to contribute 40 GW of India's 100 GW solar target.

Considering emergency and disaster management systems from a software architecture perspective- Publications

Emergency and disaster management has become a widely researched area in the last decade.

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) - Projects

CSTEP is working with the Government of Karnataka and other state governments to develop a more holistic approach whilst developing RE plans for the near future.

SANITECH - A platform for Integrated Sanitation Investment Planning - Projects

CSTEP developed SANITECH, a decision-support tool, to facilitate an integrated approach to the sanitation investment planning process for urban local bodies in India.

Karnataka's Energy Mix: Computational Model for Energy Planning - Projects

The Government of India has ambitious targets of achieving 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022.

Annotation in design and product engineering: an introduction to the special issue- Publications

The annotation of a document involves the embedding of data such as a textual note, a symbol or structured data in an original document at a specific location.

Sustaining Engineering Informatics: Toward Methods and Metrics for Digital Curation- Publications

Ensuring the long-term usability of engineering informatics (EI) artifacts is a challenge, particularly for products with longer lifecycles than the computing hardware and software used for their design and manufacture.

Guest Editorial: Special issue on Engineering Informatics- Publications

The paper titled “Engineering Complex, Information-based,Networked Industrial Systems: A Research Roadmap” by Albert Jones et al argues for a new and different approach to design and understand what they termed as complex information-based networked industrial _CINI_ systems.

Platform for Integrated Sanitation Investment Planning (Proof of Concept): Review of decision support resources compendium- Publications

Effective decision-making support systems help decision makers in identifying, evaluating and choosing a technology that best suits context/conditions of a city/area/ward.