Key Messages

Information technology has become a powerful enabler of increased efficiency and
control in various business processes in all facets of human activity The power
sector has been a relatively late entrant to utilizing the power of IT In this report, we examine current and proposed IT initiatives being undertaken by GESCOM, and suggest changes in the technology design as well as a roadmap for IT initiatives The focus is not on technology details but high-level design and integration of these into the business processes and institutional frameworks of the utilityWe recommend a fundamental rethinking of the entire IT initiative lifecycle, covering all aspects such as needs assessment, stakeholder participation, design, acceptance procedures, and evolution IT is not merely a product that can be dropped in by a professional agency or vendor; it is a process that requires full participation of all the
layers of the utility hierarchy Ownership, control, and utilization (ie, analysis) of the data are fundamental issues for which we recommend GESCOM increase its role compared to existing projects and methodologies

IT Analysis and Roadmap for GESCOM