Key Messages

The fifth India Clean Air Summit (ICAS) — the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy’s flagship event on air pollution — will be held from 22–24 August in Bengaluru. This year’s summit promises to be just as (if not more) informative, insightful, and engaging as the previous ones.
We imagined ICAS as not just another scientific conference where knowledge exchange is limited to a small group of people, but as an interdisciplinary and holistic summit where top-level strategies meet ground-level lived experience of citizens and community groups working on improving air quality. And so, at ICAS you will find experts from various fields, such as academia, industry, technology, policy, advocacy, and philanthropy, discuss and analyse the changing perspectives and narratives in the context of the accelerating climate crisis.

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How the India Clean Air Summit is Emerging as a Unique Platform for Knowledge Sharing