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Role of Science and Technology in Society- Events

Science has laid the foundation for our understanding of the human experience.

Scoping technology options for India's oil security: Part I - ethanol for petrol- Publications

Crude oil prices recently crossed US$ 75/bbl, fuelling serious concerns whether India’s rapidly expanding economy can sustain a high and growing level of crude imports There are also serious concerns of global warming from burning of fossil fuels.

Challenges and opportunities for Solar Tower technology in India- Publications

Solar Tower technology has gained considerable momentum over the past decade.

Methodology for sizing the solar field for parabolic trough technology with thermal storage and hydribization- Publications

A detailed methodology to design the size of solar field for a parabolic trough plant is not explicitly available in open literature, particularly if thermal storage and hybridization are also considered, as most of the papers present a gross overview.

Technology Options for Faecal Sludge Management in Developing Countries: Benefits and Revenue from Reuse- Publications

This article provides technology options for the treatment of Faecal Sludge (FS) in developing countries to minimise exposure to FS and assesses its benefits along with possible revenue generation from reuse.

Electric Buses in India: Technology, Policy and Benefits- Publications

With deteriorating air quality, there is a need to promote public transportation.

CSP: a long-term solar technology- Publications

In the race to achieve India’s National Solar Mission (NSM) targets, one important solar technology is slowly disappearing.

Scoping technology options for India’s oil security: Part II – Coal to liquids and bio-diesel- Publications

India's diesel consumption is several times that of petrol In this article, we examine two options for meeting India's diesel demand: coal to liquids and bio-diesel Coal gasification, followed by Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis offers an opportunity for large-scale production of diesel as proven by South Africa, and now being attempted by China and Qatar.

Electric Buses in India: Technology, Policy and Benefits- Publications

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is a government organisation that operates the public transport bus service in Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) area and parts of the Bangalore Metropolitan Region (BMR).

Electric buses in India: Technology, Policy and Benefits - Publications

Over the past decade, India’s cities have been witnessing an increasing trend in motorization with deteriorating air quality, and there have been calls to promote public transport as a way out of this gridlock.

Technology and Think Tanks- Publications

Think tanks can play the role of a mediator, critic and facilitator, by exploring technology beyond the designer’s tunnel vision to look at the big picture.

On Science and Technology for Policy in India- Publications

In this interview, Dr VS Arunachalam speaks on technology — the great leveller — and how the strategic application of science and technology can help India meet its policy goals.

CSP: A Long-Term Solar Technology- Publications

In the race to achieve India's National Solar Mission (NSM) targets, one important solar technology is slowly disappearing.