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Feasibility of Offshore Wind Farms in India- Publications

India’s energy demand is expected to grow at about 3% per annum till 2040, which necessitates the development of more clean power sources to fulfil this demand.

The forgotten case of small wind turbines- Publications

Wind energy systems are expected to play a crucial role in meeting India’s ambitious goal of 450 GW of renewable energy installed capacity by 2030, which includes 140 GW of wind energy.

Breathing New Life into Wind Energy: How High-Potential States Can Revive the Sector- Publications

India’s wind capacity target for 2030 is 140 GW, and the current wind installation achieved until April 2023 is 42.

Infrastructure preparedness for the development of offshore wind sector in India- Publications

Renewable energy technologies are witnessing a fast-paced growth globally at 8.

Is India prepared for offshore wind farm development- Publications

The offshore wind industry has significant potential as a long-term solution.

Wind Power in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - Potential Assessment, Costs, and Grid Implications- Publications

Till recently, the on-shore wind power potential in India was officially estimated to be 49 GW, out of which 17 GW forms part of the country’s mainstream energy mix.

Competitive Bidding for the Wind Sector- Publications

CSTEP organised a stakeholder consultation workshop on the wind energy sector at the request of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) recently.

Pricing Mechanism of Pumped-Hydro Storage in India- Publications

India is planning to install 450 GW of renewable energy (RE) generation capacity by 2030.

Techno-economic Modelling of Onshore Wind Power- Publications

India has the fourth largest installed capacity of wind energy in the world, with the addition of 41 GW as of June 2022.

Energy transition: opportunities and challenges for the Indian power sector- Publications

The country has already made significant progress with installed renewable energy (RE) capacity reaching 114 GW as of 30 June 2022.

A straw in the wind - Will achieving grid parity propel India’s offshore wind?- Publications

India is endowed with a 71 GW offshore wind potential, as per the assessment by the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), but the country is yet to set up its first offshore wind plant.