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India’s wind capacity target for 2030 is 140 GW, and the current wind installation achieved until April 2023 is 42.8 GW. To achieve the remaining 98 GW, considerable growth rate and comprehensive efforts are needed in the coming years. India has a total wind energy potential of 695GW at 120 metres (National Institute of Wind Energy), which is on par with the solar energy potential of 748GW (National Institute of Solar Energy). Despite such striking parity, in recent years, capacity addition efforts through wind projects have been much slower compared to solar.

The need of the hour is to seek actionable support from states with high wind potential, identify and resolve existing issues, and renew state policies to triple the efforts to meet and surpass the nation’s wind target for 2030.  

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Breathing New Life into Wind Energy: How High-Potential States Can Revive the Sector