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Political Economy of Renewable Energy Deployment in India A Case Study of Karnataka- Publications

Despite high targets and comprehensive policies, the deployment of renewable energy technologies has faced significant barriers in Karnataka during the past five years.

Technology Options and Policy Solutions for a Future Powered by Renewable Energy- Publications

Flexibility in the grid is paramount for India to meet its renewable energy (RE) ambitions — 450 GW by 2050 as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019.

Why renewable energy projects need smart siting- Publications

The current government has set an ambitious RE target of 450 GW by 2030.

Techno-Economic Analysis of Pumped-Hydro-Energy Storage as Peaking Power Plants in India for High Renewable Energy Scenarios- Publications

Existing pumped-hydro-energy storage (PHES) plants in India are inadequately utilised and hence have low economic benefits.

Climate Change Could Disrupt Transition to Renewable Energy- Publications

The draft Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy 2021-2026, issued by the Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited recently, targets developing 20 GW of renewable energy (RE) projects in the state with and without energy storage.

Blockchain for the advancement of decentralised RE systems- Publications

In recent years, blockchain technology has made significant strides across various industries, from finance to supply chain management.

Integrating Renewables: Need to upgrade Uttar Pradesh's transmission infrastructure- Publications

Uttar Pradesh, the fourth largest state in terms of land area, is the most populated state in India, accounting for over 16% of the country’s total population.

Feasibility of Offshore Wind Farms in India- Publications

India’s energy demand is expected to grow at about 3% per annum till 2040, which necessitates the development of more clean power sources to fulfil this demand.

The forgotten case of small wind turbines- Publications

Wind energy systems are expected to play a crucial role in meeting India’s ambitious goal of 450 GW of renewable energy installed capacity by 2030, which includes 140 GW of wind energy.

The future of Virtual Power Plants in India - A perspective- Publications

To meet its global commitments, India is planning to reduce fossil-fuel-based power generation by targeting 500 GW of non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030.

Hydrogen applications segmentation and hierarchy- Publications

The National Green Hydrogen Mission envisions India to be a leading manufacturer and a major hub for green hydrogen in the world.

OPINION: What is the role of states in India's clean energy transition?- Publications

As a rapidly developing nation, India is currently the world’s fourth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Addressing the impending crisis of solar photovoltaic waste in India- Publications

The solar photovoltaic industry is witnessing a remarkable expansion worldwide.

Impact of cyclones on India’s solar rooftop photovoltaic systems- Publications

India, a country highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, has witnessed the devastating impact of cyclones in recent years.