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India, a country highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, has witnessed the devastating impact of cyclones in recent years. The increasing frequency and intensity of cyclones have raised concerns about the resilience of India’s solar rooftop photovoltaic (RTPV) systems. As the nation strives to transition to renewable energy (RE) sources, the RTPV industry has gained significant momentum. This article examines the lessons learnt from the impact of these cyclones on the nation’s solar infrastructure and some of the measures needed to build a more robust and sustainable RE sector.

The impact of recent cyclones on India’s RTPV systems serves as a wake-up call to prioritise resilience and preparedness in the face of extreme weather events. As India continues to lead the RE transition, it must invest in cyclone-resistant solar technologies, strengthen installation guidelines, and support solar system owners in rebuilding and reinforcing their installations. By taking these proactive steps, the nation can emerge stronger, ensuring that RTPV systems continue to play a crucial role in the state’s sustainable development and climate change mitigation efforts.

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Impact of cyclones on India’s solar rooftop photovoltaic systems