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Importance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories in Mitigation Analysis and Planning- Publications

The link between rising levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and changing climatic patterns was first definitively put forth in 1898 by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist.

The Importance of Selling Electric Vehicles and Their Batteries Separately- Publications

The roads have been cleared for a surge in two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles (EVs).

How Green Hydrogen Policy Can Lead to India's Energy Import Independence- Publications

India has set ambitious medium- and long-term renewable energy targets to counteract the adverse effects of climate change, one of them being the commitment to increase the share of its renewable power capacity to 50% by 2030.

PRESS RELEASE: New report asks important questions as India develops net-zero strategy- Publications

As we inch closer to another global climate summit, COP27, climate projection models will once again be thrust into the limelight as they play an important role in devising net-zero strategies.

The complex path to biofuel sustainability- Publications

Until a few years ago, working on biofuels called for constant justification in the face of electric vehicles (EVs) taking over the world.

The Solar PV Market in India: Decoding ALMM and BCD- Publications

In the previous article, we discussed the gaps in key areas that hamper the sustained growth of India’s solar PV market.

State-level Policy Analysis for PV Module Manufacturing in India- Publications

This report—a joint effort of CSTEP and RAND Corporation—examines various state-level policy initiatives for solar PV module manufacturing in India.

Harnessing Waste Heat for Power Generation in Karnataka- Publications

The policy note examines the existing status of Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) technology in Karnataka and potential uptake in near future.

Scoping technology options for India's oil security: Part I - ethanol for petrol- Publications

Crude oil prices recently crossed US$ 75/bbl, fuelling serious concerns whether India’s rapidly expanding economy can sustain a high and growing level of crude imports There are also serious concerns of global warming from burning of fossil fuels.

Whither Nuclear Power?- Publications

India is targeting an ambitious GDP growth rate of 8 per cent and for that the power sector needs to grow in tandem.

Lithium-ion battery supply chain: enabling national electric vehicle and renewables targets- Publications

Energy storage will play an important role in the Government of India’s efforts to meet the ambitious targets with regards to electric mobility and renewable energy.

Nuclear Viewpoint in India- Publications

Nuclear power is a crucial source of clean energy for India.

Design and development of efficient bi-functional catalyst by tuning the electronic properties of cobalt-manganese tungstate for oxygen reduction and evolution reaction- Publications

Solid‐state electrochemistry is drawing considerable interest as the interconversion of O2 and water playing an important role in energy conversion and storage technologies.

Competitive implications of software open-sourcing - Publications

We analyze the economic trade-offs associated with open-sourcing, the business strategy of releasing free open-source versions of commercial software products.

Solar Energy for Process Heating: A Case Study of Select Indian Industries- Publications

The annual consumption of petroleum products in India was about 221 million metric tons in 2015.

A simple explicit model approximating the relationship between speed and density of vehicular traffic on urban roads- Publications

With the increase in simulation of urban environments for the purpose of planning, modelling vehicular traffic has become important.