Key Messages

As we inch closer to another global climate summit, COP27, climate projection models will once again be thrust into the limelight as they play an important role in devising net-zero strategies. However, assumptions and estimates for India’s ‘net zero by 2070’ target need to be reviewed carefully given the deep uncertainties involved. There is no correct pathway to net-zero emissions.
The latest report from the Bengaluru-based think tank the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) titled No Silver Bullet: Essays on India’s Net-Zero Transition aims to ignite conversations on complex and promising net-zero pathways and asks pertinent questions on India’s net-zero goals. CSTEP has been analysing net-zero options for India using its Sustainable Alternative Futures for India (SAFARI) model, and the report is a result of the questions and discussions that came up while updating the model. Split into different sections, the report has essays on demand estimation and projection, industrial decarbonisation, the power sector, LIFE: Lifestyle for Environment, and carbon pricing.

Read the full report here.

PRESS RELEASE: New report asks important questions as India develops net-zero strategy