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Climate and Development: Navigating a Delicate Balance- Events

India is attempting to navigate a delicate balance – achieving our development goals sustainably without compromising on our climate targets.

ICAS 2022: Looking at Air Pollution Through the Climate Lens- Events

The India Clean Air Summit (ICAS) is a national flagship event on air pollution organised by the Centre for Air Pollution Studies (CAPS) at CSTEP.

Climate Change and National Clean Air Programme in Hubli–Dharwad- Events

NABARD in collaboration with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy organised a conference on climate change and the National Clean Air Programme in Ocean Pearl Resort, Rayapur, Dharwad, on  4 March 2022.

Climate Hour: Here’s What Happened at COP28 and Why You Should Care- Events

CSTEP conducted the second edition of Climate Hour on 15 December 2023.

Climate Change: The Science and Story- Events

The offline sessions of the eARTh Climate Fellowship were conducted from 14 to 16 February.

Climate Charche: Decoding Urban Climate With Geospatial Techniques- Events

CSTEP organised a workshop in collaboration with the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum (BSF) on 12 March 2024 to enhance knowledge on geospatial technology as part of the Climate Charche series.

The eARTh Climate Fellowship - Projects

The eARTh Climate Fellowship aims to facilitate the creation of climate art that will trigger behavioural change among citizens.

Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Irrigation Pumping in Karnataka - Challenges and Prospects- Publications

The policy note examines the growing need for energy efficient water pumping for agriculture in Karnataka (India's second most water-stricken state).

Sea level rise and climate change exiles: A possible solution- Publications

Will rising sea levels cause mass migrations of people from low-lying, impoverished equatorial areas into regions of higher ground—and if so, what will their reception be by their hosts?

Quality of life for all: A sustainable development framework for India's climate policy - Publications

This study placed improving quality of life at the centre of India's national climate policy and asked what happens to greenhouse gas emissions with such an approach.

Taking lessons from refugees in Europe to prepare for climate migrants and exiles- Publications

With millions of refugees pouring into countries in Europe, renewed attention is being paid to those who are displaced.

Quality of Life for All: A Sustainable Development Framework for India's Climate Policy (Interim Report)- Publications

A Sustainable Development Framework for India's Climate Policy (Interim Report).

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in South Asia- Publications

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in South Asia.