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Webinar—Rooftop Solar: A Catalyst for Achieving Net-Zero Emissions- Events

The Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) organised a webinar on 26 May 2021 to discuss the potential of  rooftop photovoltaic (RTPV) systems in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in India.

No Silver Bullet: Considerations for India’s Net-Zero Strategy- Events

CSTEP's latest report No Silver Bullet: Essays on India’s Net-Zero Transition throws up some pertinent questions on India's net-zero strategy.

Roundtable Discussion: Net-Zero Scenarios for India’s Buildings Sector- Events

CSTEP conducted a closed-door roundtable discussion on ‘Net-Zero Scenarios for India’s Buildings Sector’ on 18 December 2023 in Bengaluru.

Pathways to Steer India’s Buildings Sector Towards a Net-Zero Future- Events

The buildings sector in India is a key contributor to energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions.

Why a net-zero vision should drive India’s climate strategy- Publications

Globally, efforts are underway to prepare country-level climate strategies in the run-up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (UNFCCC COP26) at Glasgow in November this year.

Realising Net-Zero 2070- Publications

Post the NDC commitments under the Paris Agreement in 2015, India has been promoting RE, but the increase in non-fossil-fuel-based electricity generation between 2015 and 2020 has been only 3.

Streamlining the hydrogen ecosystem is essential for India to achieve net-zero targets- Publications

Electrolysers used in the production of hydrogen from water are electrochemical energy-conversion devices.

No silver bullet: Essays on India’s net-zero transition- Publications

India announced its net-zero target for the year 2070.

As the West Backtracks on Climate Goals, Where Do India’s Ambitions Stand?- Publications

India recently submitted an updated nationally determined contribution (NDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which includes two short-term commitments.

Innovative solar technologies for Green Hydrogen Production- Publications

With an increasing number of countries setting strong net-zero targets, there is a global push for the gradual discontinuation of fossil-fuel usage and the large-scale adoption of renewable energy (RE).

PRESS RELEASE: New report asks important questions as India develops net-zero strategy- Publications

As we inch closer to another global climate summit, COP27, climate projection models will once again be thrust into the limelight as they play an important role in devising net-zero strategies.

India’s Building Code Has a Blind Spot for a Whole Category of Emissions- Publications

Building codes are not new to India, and the first iteration of the National Building Code (NBC) dates back to 1970.

Why is battery recycling key to achieving a net-zero economy by 2070?- Publications

India is committed to its net-zero goals by 2070, and the decarbonisation of the transport sector through vehicular electrification is a major cornerstone.

Forests: An essential piece in the decarbonisation puzzle- Publications

Over the past two decades, India has seen growth in forest and tree cover despite developmental activities.

India committed to achieving net-zero by 2070; new tech to mitigate climate change- Publications

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Sixth Assessment Report has, for the first time in the three-decade history of its reports, dedicated an entire chapter to innovation and technological development.

Viewing India’s Net-Zero Ambition Through the Lens of Polysilicon- Publications

As India dons the role of a solar superpower, a crucial hurdle in the country’s journey to self-reliance in this sector is the availability of the key raw material—polysilicon.