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With an increasing number of countries setting strong net-zero targets, there is a global push for the gradual discontinuation of fossil-fuel usage and the large-scale adoption of renewable energy (RE). In this context, green hydrogen is seen as the fuel of the future, with various governments and energy companies betting on it.

Green hydrogen production has three vital requisites: electricity (generated from RE sources) to run electrolyzers; high-purity fresh or desalinated water; and electrolyzers to split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. While scaling up the production of green hydrogen is desirable, there are challenges that primarily relate to water availability, high RE-share requirement, and the cost of electricity transmission and the associated infrastructure.

Currently, various research and development organizations across the world are working on innovative solar technologies for producing green
hydrogen. These technologies can help in overcoming the challenges associated with large-scale green hydrogen production while making the process more efficient and economical.

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Innovative solar technologies for Green Hydrogen Production