Key Messages

As India fully embraces the renewable energy (RE) transition and works to achieve its energy targets, harnessing the potential of artificial
intelligence (AI) can cause a transformative shift in the energy sector and pave the way for a smart energy future.

Solar energy generation in India encounters unique challenges owing to the diverse climate and geographical conditions across different regions, with some states receiving high solar irradiance and others facing harsh weather conditions. AI algorithms can help analyse local weather patterns and forecasts and provide solar irradiance data to optimise the design and operation of solar plants. Implementing AI-enhanced solar tracking systems can help maximise energy yields as well as operational efficiency and reliability, minimise downtimes, and provide better adaptability to geographic variations. This would be particularly useful for regions such as the Northeast having low solar irradiance and difficult climatic conditions.

With the right amalgamation of policies, R&D investments, and collaborations, India can utilise the power of AI to build a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Accelerating the future of solar energy in India through AI