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Round-Table Meeting on Air Pollution - Events

CSTEP and Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI) organised a round-table discussion towards creatiing a Clean Air Platform for Bengaluru (B-CAP).

Launch Event of Centre for Air Pollution Studies (CAPS)- Events

CSTEP has launched the Centre for Air Pollution Studies (CAPS) in order to provide scientific, high-quality policy advice for improving air quality in India and the South Asian region.

Two-day hands-on training workshop on air pollution and instrumentation- Events

Twenty students from Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences were trained in basic concepts of air pollution and its impact as well as measurement techniques at a two-day workshop organised by the Centre for Air Pollution Studies (CAPS).

ICAS 2022: Looking at Air Pollution Through the Climate Lens- Events

The India Clean Air Summit (ICAS) is a national flagship event on air pollution organised by the Centre for Air Pollution Studies (CAPS) at CSTEP.

Capacity Building for Air Pollution Challenges- Events

The Centre for Air Pollution Studies at CSTEP organised a series of capacity building events in Punjab from 15 to 23 December 2022.

Democratizing Air Pollution Models in India: Current Opportunities and Challenges- Events

CSTEP collaborated with ORF America to organise a round-table discussion on 22 June 2023 in ITC Windsor, Bengaluru.

Mobile-Monitoring Campaign for Air Pollution Studies in Bengaluru- Projects

Stationary monitoring is the most commonly adopted method to understand the air pollution levels in India.

How safe is our air?- Publications

With haphazard urban development and a lackadaisical approach towards pollution control, Bengaluru is a ticking time bomb, says Dr Pratima Singh, Research Scientist at CSTEP, in this interview.

Measuring Air Pollution: Cost versus Credibility- Publications

Across India, the lack of adequate data on air pollution is a challenge to addressing air pollution.

Data: The Missing Link to Solving Air Pollution- Publications

The India Clean Air Summit (ICAS), CSTEP's flagship event on air pollution, was envisaged as a platform to consolidate the latest findings, solutions, and concepts on air pollution.

Act on the source to check air pollution- Publications

In this Q&A, Research Scientist Dr Pratima Singh notes some key issues and observations on India's Air Pollution story, specifically the need for scientific assessments that can provide good quality insights for policies.

Developing a Low-Cost Passive Method for Long-Term Average Levels of Light-Absorbing Carbon Air Pollution in Polluted Indoor Environments- Publications

We propose a low-cost passive method for monitoring long-term average levels of light-absorbing carbon air pollution in polluted indoor environments.

India’s newly planned vehicle scrapping policy: A 2-in-1 solution to curb air pollution and revive the auto industry- Publications

Nearly 4 million commercial vehicles in India are expected to ride into the sunset soon.

Particulate Measurements Key to Solving India’s Air Pollution Puzzle- Publications

The "scary" air pollution situation in India makes it imperative to gather extensive, credible data on pollution and its sources at a fairly granular level—for every square kilometre of most mid- to large-sized cities, as well as for vast exurban and rural areas.

Pollucheck v1.0: A Package to Explore Open-Source Air Pollution Data- Publications

Air pollution impacts human health, quality of living, climate, and the economy (Hystad et al.