Key Messages

We propose a low-cost passive method for monitoring long-term average levels of light-absorbing carbon air pollution in polluted indoor environments. Building on prior work, the method here estimates the change in reflectance of a passively exposed surface through analysis of digital images. To determine reproducibility and limits of detection, we tested low-cost passive samplers with exposure to kerosene smoke in the laboratory and to environmental pollution in 20 indoor locations.



(*Lara P. Clark, Bujin Bekbulat, Michael Baum,Songlin Yang, Pao Baylon, Timothy R. Gould, Timothy V. Larson, Edmund Y. W. Seto, Chris D. Space, and Julian D. Marshall are other authors of this paper.)

Developing a Low-Cost Passive Method for Long-Term Average Levels of Light-Absorbing Carbon Air Pollution in Polluted Indoor Environments