Climate, Environment and Sustainability

Climate, Environment and Sustainability

Vision: To provide scientific and high-quality policy advice for improving the air quality in India as well as the entire South Asian region



CAPS was established with the objective to generate scientific evidence for the air-pollution issue through measurement and monitoring and rigorous policy analysis. Our work includes static, mobile, and satellite-based measurement of air pollutants, development of emission inventories, impact-assessment studies, policy analysis, and public outreach. We also conduct modelling studies using WRF-CAMx and Chemical Mass Balance (CMB) models. We use different instruments, such as Beta Attenuation Monitor (BAM), DustTrak, Aethalometer, and Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) to carry out mobile measurements and also to generate air quality data in our in-house air-quality laboratory. In line with the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) by MoEFCC, we are working in non-attainment cities to develop clean air action plans, based on evidence-based techno-economic analysis. CAPS is working closely with state pollution control boards and MoEFCC on various air pollution issues at state and national levels to support the clean air initiative.


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