Prof. Umesh Waghmare


Prof. Umesh Waghmare is a Professor in the Theoretical Sciences Unit of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore. He obtained his doctorate degree in applied physics in 1996 from Yale University, and did postdoctoral research in Harvard University (1996-2000). His national honours and awards include Fellowship of Indian Academy of Science, B.M. Birla Science Prize, J.C. Bose National Fellowship and Materials Society of India Medal. Prof. Waghmare was also awarded the Infosys Prize in Engineering and Computer Science in 2015 for his innovative use of first-principles theories and modelling in insightful investigations of microscopic mechanisms. He has provided a much-needed bridging between the microscopic details of a material and its properties at various length and time scales by using systematic hierarchical modelling strategies.