Key Messages

Sodium-ion batteries are the commercially and environmentally viable next-generation candidates for automobiles. Structural and electrochemical aspects are greater concerns towards the development of a stable cathode material. Selecting transition metals and their composition greatly influences charge order, superstructures, and different voltage plateaus. This, in turn, influences transport properties and cyclic performance. This article aims to study the electrochemical performance, diffusivity, and structural stability of Na x [M y Mn1−y ]O2 (M = Fe, Ni) as cathode. Both experimental and DFT-based calculations apprehend the voltage plateaus due to redox reactions. The rate of cycling and the initial structure also influence the cycle life.


(*Debasis Nayak, N. Vijay Prakash Chaudhary, Sudipto Ghosh, and Venimadhav Adyam are the other authors of this paper.)