Key Messages

The threat of climate change is a serious global concern. There is near consensus among scientists that the threat is due to man-made emissions of Greenhouse Gases (such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxides, etc). These gases in the atmosphere trap the infra-red radiation reflected by the earth and lead to global warming, which in turn can change the climate in many waysIncrease in anthropogenic activities since the advent of industrialization in the mid-18th century, has led to cumulative accumulation of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in earth’s atmosphere .Increased concentration of GHGs and overall warming of the atmosphere can lead to changes in rainfall patterns, disruption in hydrological cycles, melting of ice caps and glaciers, rise in sea levels, and increase in frequency and intensity of extreme events such as heavy precipitation and cyclonic activities. These, in turn, can have serious impact on sustainability of water resources, agriculture, forests and ecosystems, affecting the well-being of billions of people on earth. They would pose a serious threat to our objective of sustainable inclusive developments.