Key Messages

Two analytical formulations that describe the fluid interactions of slag with the porous refractory linings of gasification reactors have been derived. The first formulation considers the infiltration velocity of molten slag into the porous microstructure of the refractory material that possesses an inherent temperature gradient in the direction of infiltration. Capillary pressures are assumed to be the primary driving force for the infiltration. Considering that the geometry of the pores provides a substantially shorter length scale in the radial direction as compared with the penetration direction, a lubrication approximation was employed to simplify the equation of motion. 


(*Ramalakshmi Krishnaswamy, Tetsuya Kenneth Kaneko, Bishal Madhab Mazumdar, Peter Rozelle, Seetharaman Sridhar, and John M. Kuhlman are the authors of this paper.)

Infiltration Velocity and Thickness of Flowing Slag Film on Porous Refractory of Slagging Gasifiers