Key Messages

In an era of escalating environmental concerns and the pursuit of sustainable development, the circular economy emerges as a transformative solution. This paper examines India's Solar Photovoltaics and Telecommunication sectors, assessing their potential for circular economy practices, resource efficiency, and waste management. While solar photovoltaics contribute to a greener energy mix, the mounting concern of PV waste persists. Similarly, the telecommunications industry faces a surge in electronic waste due to rapid advancements. Mitigating these challenges necessitates robust policies, technological innovation, and collaboration. The paper identifies key policy and technology barriers and offers tailored recommendations. Synergistic strategies like energy exchange, dual land usage, and smart grid integration are proposed. This insight is crucial for policymakers, industry, and researchers committed to a more sustainable future in India.

Advancing Circular Economy in India: Sustainable Resource Efficiency and Policy Imperatives in Solar Photovoltaics and Telecommunication