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Bengaluru is witnessing alarmingly high pollution levels, with particulate matter (PM) levels reaching at least 5 times over the permissible limits by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Particularly, vehicular traffic, which contributes to more than 65% of PM emissions, is a major concern requiring immediate attention.

The previous articles in our series ‘Breathing in Bengaluru’ delved into the health problems due to vehicular emissions and the scope for tackling the issue through sustainable mobility measures. In this regard, Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) is a relatively low-cost (compared with new transport infrastructure) and feasible solution. This final article in the series delineates the potential of this state-of-the-art mobility system in reducing vehicular emissions and discusses the challenges for its implementation in Bengaluru.

Considering the grave impacts of vehicular emissions on citizen health, implementation of sustainable mobility measures like active transport, eMaaS, and integrated planning can pave the way forward to realise the dream of a green, congestion-free, and breathable Bengaluru for the current and future generations.

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Breathing in Bengaluru: Building a greener city with eMaaS