Key Messages

In this two-part blog series, we revisit our experience in capacity building for civil society organisations (CSOs) working across India’s diverse rural landscape, where there is an urgent need to enhance climate adaptation knowledge to address the multi-dimensional challenges of climate change. This first blog delves into the inception of the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy’s (CSTEP’s) engagement with Climate Asia (CA) on their Climate Action for Civil Society Organisation Development Programme for CSOs, its relevance to climate action, and knowledge gaps it aims to address.

Through this engagement and informal discussions, we could fortify our knowledge on the implementation of best practices and challenges faced by CSOs across their rural geographies. Fascinating narratives on adapting cropping patterns to seasonal changes, sustainable sourcing of forest produce, empowering marginalised communities with alternative farming techniques, the role of women and youth in climate action, and more were discussed. We are inspired by their resilience and commitment to the soil, which we hope to take forward in developing more nuanced adaptation policies with our future work.

In the second article, we will look at the design and development of climate modules, as well as interactions and learnings from the experience.

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Empowering Grassroots for Climate Action: Bridging the Knowledge Divide