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On August 25, 2023, Karnataka clocked the highest-ever peak demand for energy at 16,950 MW. This unusual surge (the state normally experiences peak demand in the summer months) was driven by factors such as escalated energy consumption due to the provision of free power up to 200 units/month to domestic consumers, poor rainfall leading to increased energy consumption by farmers, and heightened commercial and industrial activities within the state.

With this rise in energy requirements, there is increased pressure on the state’s generation sector, especially the thermal power sector. Consequently, the plant load factors (PLFs) of coal-fired power plants have escalated. This, in turn, has led to an uptick in carbon emissions.

For an efficient transition towards green energy and meeting the increased demand in Karnataka, Discoms can benefit from implementing a supply procurement strategy aligned with the demand curve. Exploring potential suppliers and planning phased procurement are recommended. Although securing such capacity quickly is challenging, it is advisable for the state to simultaneously explore and develop storage systems.

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Address the surging energy demand