Key Messages

In India, a functioning hydrogen economy is expected to bolster the energy portfolio in a sustainable way with the support of conducive policies (National Green Hydrogen Mission) from the Government.

With the voluntary commitment to achieve net-zero emissions, the Government of India has cemented its position as a climate leader globally. To realise this ambitious goal, various stakeholders must unite and implement strategies concurrently. A concept around creating a fledgling hydrogen ecosystem is the need of the hour—an ecosystem where producers, consumers, and allied partners play a pivotal role in maximising green hydrogen penetration in India. This study is a preliminary assessment of hydrogen (H2) valleys, an ecosystem created across the country to achieve the green hydrogen goal.

The need for hydrogen economy is discussed with overarching narratives that provide intersectionality between hydrogen augmentation and climate mitigation. This narrative signifies the benefits and trade-offs of pursuing hydrogen-oriented interests. Data collection, baseline estimation, demand projection, and the analytical framework employed are steps in our methodology.