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The International Energy Agency published a report entitled ‘Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2022’ last month. It said that the rapid economic growth in most Southeast Asian countries since 2000 is now threatening their energy security, as they struggle to keep pace with their growing energy needs.

The scene is not very different for other regions of the world.

To meet growing energy demand without also damaging the environment, we need to tap more green energy (although this energy source can also be deleterious). One such energy source is the Sun, and a part of whose energy output we harness using solar panels.

As part of efforts to reduce the global surface temperature by reducing emissions of various gases and pollutants – in keeping with the Paris and other agreements – governments around the world are installing solar plants aplenty.

However, solar radiation varies between time zones, so an interconnected global transmission system is required to effectively harness the energy generated in the different regions and be put to optimal use.

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The Challenges of Setting up an International Power Grid