Key Messages

According to a Karnataka Government site, data from the last three years (FY 18-19 to FY 20-21) show that 58 departmental and 1,077 non-departmental fatal accidents took place at five state electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs) during this period.

The DISCOMs are usually responsible for the laying of distribution infrastructure that supplies electricity to the end consumers (residential, industrial, commercial, agriculture, and others). Though several public safety measures are in place, electrical accidents do occur, causing injury and/or loss of life and property.  

Such accidents mostly occur due to poor operation and maintenance of the distribution infrastructure. Uninsulated overhead electrical lines are a common cause of electrocution. Any contact or close proximity with such lines can allow electricity to be conducted to the earth, causing an electric shock, fire, or explosion. Poor maintenance of electrical assets such as distribution transformers and continuous use of faulty equipment constitute another safety hazard.  

Unplugging electrical hazards: Towards better public safety in Karnataka