Key Messages

Land degradation as one of the mega drivers of loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services has affected billions globally, resulting in rampant loss of livelihoods and accelerated distress migration. India, one of the land degradation hotspots in Asia, has also been reeling under the impacts of the ongoing climate and pandemic crises, which have seriously imperiled local livelihoods and human well-being. Boosting livelihood-based social support programs can be a transformative approach to scale up Nature-based Solutions to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality and to realize global restoration, climate, and biodiversity conservation goals. In this article, we provide evidence for enhancing landscape restoration success by creating green job opportunities to achieve post-pandemic recovery. 

(Shalini Dhyani, Dhanya Bhaskar, and Harini Santhanam are the other authors of this article)

Post-pandemic Recovery Through Landscape Restoration