Key Messages

In 2018, a group of academic institutions initiated a project to build capacities of the 12 Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) states through robust assessments of climate change vulnerability, adaptation planning, and implementation. A standardised assessment of vulnerability allows stakeholders to compare vulnerability across states, probe what has caused their vulnerability, and investigate how they might address these vulnerabilities.

(*Anamika Barua, Vishaka Gulati, Tapasya Changakakati, Rupam Bhaduri, Shyamasree Dasgupta, Surbhi Vyas, Alam Khursheed, Kritishnu Sanyal, Tashina Esteves, N H Ravindranath, and Jagamohan Sharma are the other authors of this paper.)

How Vulnerable Are India’s Himalayan Region States to Climate Change?