Key Messages

Variability in the leaf phenology of tropical trees impacts their growth. How phenology of tree species responds over rainfall gradient is relevant to study in the light of current climatic changes. Airborne visible and infrared imaging spectrometer-next generation (AVIRIS-NG) spectral datasets have been considered for this study as they not only provide wider area of coverage, but also high spatial and spectrally resolved output. Canopy-level spectra of 16 common species of four different forest covers in India were synced with observed phenology phase and the annual rainfall in each forest cover was recorded. Reflectance spectra of the same species in the four forest covers distinctively differed over rainfall gradient, indicating intra-species pliability.

DOI: 10.18520/cs/v120/i3/570-572

(*Amrita N. Chaurasia, Reshma M. Parmar, Maulik G. Dave, Nirav Mehta, Rajesh Kallaje, Aradhana Sahu, C. P. Singh and N. S. R. Krishnayya are the other authors of this paper.)