Key Messages

  • Solar field area & storage capacity was varied to assess impact on techno-economic performance of the two solar technologies.
  • PV yielded a minimum LCOE of 0.12 USD/kWh and a CUF of 0.27.
  • s-ORC yielded a minimum LCOE of 0.19 USD/kWh, with a CUF of 0.56. LCOE of PV, for a similar CUF is 0.26 USD/kWh.
  • Results evince that s-ORC potentially offers reliable decentralized power supply due to cost-effectiveness of thermal storage.


(*Vikas R. Patil, Vijay Irappa Biradar, R. Shreyas, Pardeep Garg, and Matthew S. Orosz are other authors of this paper.)


Techno-economic comparison of solar organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and photovoltaic (PV) systems with energy storage