CSTEP has initiated a source apportionment (SA) study for Bengaluru as per the request of the Government of Karnataka.

The main goal of the study is to provide evidence towards creating a Clean Air Action Plan for Bengaluru and implementing strategies for improving air quality.

This activity will entail collecting air samples from multiple locations over a period of a year, chemical analysis and receptor modelling. The analysis will identify the sources of pollution (elements, ions, dioxins etc.). A Receptor model will be used to identify and quantify the sources of air pollutants at a receptor location. Some of these activities will be conducted in partnership with institutions which have established laboratories. This study will help to understand the following:

  • Understanding various air pollutants, along with their ambient concentrations and the air toxicity levels in different parts of the city
  • Quantifying sectoral contribution in air pollution with the help of chemical analyses and receptor modelling of the analysed samples
  • Determining the impact of sources on ambient air quality under different management, intervention, and control options with the help of an emissions inventory and dispersion modelling.