Under the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), Government of India (GoI) proposed a policy roadmap to reduce air pollution in India and create Clean Air Action Plans for non-attainment cities in the country. Patna is one of those non-attainment cities and is also among the five most polluted cities in India (WHO).

CSTEP is developing a Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) for the city of Patna. The plan will identify a set of implementable control measures that are technically and economically feasible, towards improving Patna's air quality, in consultation with policymakers and stakeholders. CSTEP will review and assess the existing qualitative and quantitative information on Patna’s air quality. Relevant information will be collected from secondary sources (including data available with government departments) and, where needed, primary sources (such as site surveys). We will characterise the air quality for Patna and estimate future level of emissions assuming no additional control measures. Furthermore, a comprehensive list of source-specific control measures and policy interventions to improve the city’s air quality will be prepared. We will also conduct techno-economic assessment of shortlisted control measures to evaluate the associated costs, implementation and regulatory environments, technology needs, and service delivery timelines.