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GHG Platform India: Emissions Workshop - Events

GHG Platform India, of which CSTEP is a collaborator, organised a workshop on national and sub-national emissions.

Webinar—Rooftop Solar: A Catalyst for Achieving Net-Zero Emissions- Events

The Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) organised a webinar on 26 May 2021 to discuss the potential of  rooftop photovoltaic (RTPV) systems in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in India.

Energy and Emissions Implications for a Desired Quality of Life in India- Projects

Key Objective: The main objective of this project is to develop an energy model as a visualisation and planning tool (Decision Support System) that will enable policymakers to create and test their strategies virtually.

A Multi-Model Assessment of Energy and Emissions for India's Transportation Sector through 2050- Publications

This paper compares frameworks and projections of energy consumption, carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2.

Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions by the Indian Mobile Telecom Industry- Publications

The Indian mobile telecom industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in India, had 5843 million subscribers in 2010-11 registering an annual growth rate of 4915%.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory& Mitigation Study for Karnataka- Publications

Adoption of energy efficient measures would result in reduced demand for energy and thus lower emissions.

Energy and Emissions Implications for a Desired Quality of Life in India Part 2: Demand Estimation- Publications

This project aims to understand the synergies and trade-offs involved in facing the unenviable challenge of balancing their developmental goals and climate targets.

Importance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories in Mitigation Analysis and Planning- Publications

The link between rising levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and changing climatic patterns was first definitively put forth in 1898 by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist.

India’s Climate Strategy — Need for Emissions Control- Publications

With the world waking up to climate emergency, most countries are looking at controlling emissions, including a reduction in Greenhouse Gases (GHG).

Sustainable alternative futures for agriculture in India—the energy, emissions, and resource implications- Publications

India’s falling aquifer levels, erratic monsoons, arable land constraints, stagnating crop yields, growing food demand, and rising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions necessitate that strategic interventions be planned and implemented to maintain food security in the country.

Energy and Emissions Implications for a Desired Quality of Life in India via SAFARI- Publications

India has to overcome several developmental challenges in the coming decades.

Sustainable Alternative Futures for Urban India: the Resource, Energy, and Emissions Implications of Urban Form Scenarios- Publications

India’s rapid urbanisation underscores the need to balance growing consumption patterns, development goals, and climate commitments.

Even with ‘moderate emissions’, India’s heat is set to get worse - Publications

The climate crisis is no longer a distant event that might happen in the future.

PRESS RELEASE: CSTEP Study: Winter Minimum Temperatures Expected to Be High in Northern India- Publications

The Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP)—a Bengaluru-based think tank—published a study on the climate of northern India titled ‘District-Level Changes in Climate: Historical Climate and Climate Change Projections for the Northern States of India’.

PRESS RELEASE - CSTEP Study: Prepare for Warmer Temperature and High-Intensity Rainfall Events in Eastern India- Publications

A study by the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP)—a Bangalore-based think tank—on the climate of eastern India underscores the need for climate risk mapping and climate action.