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COP27: Reflections on Adaptation and Loss & Damage- Events

The Climate, Environment and Sustainability team at CSTEP organised a discussion on 12 December 2022 to reflect on the key conversations that happened during COP27.

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in South Asia- Publications

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in South Asia.

Reverse Migration due to COVID-19 Underpins the Need for Adaptation- Publications

The domino effect set in motion by COVID-19 is a blunt reminder that under-prepared systems will have to bear devastating shocks.

Agroforestry to Achieve Global Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Targets: Are South Asian Countries Sufficiently Prepared?- Publications

Traditional agroforestry systems across South Asia have historically supported millions of smallholding farmers.

OPINION: Knowing what is at stake - Climate risk assessment for resilience and adaptation- Publications

Climate change will amplify the existing risks and create new risks for natural and socio-economic systems.

Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation- Publications

Extreme and unpredictable changes in the climate are a cause of serious concern globally.

Opinion: Climate adaptation must be transformational, not just fighting fires- Publications

For adaptation measures to work efficiently, assessments of capacity, technology and financial needs should be integrated.

Why India must account for climate adaptation in its budget- Publications

India has inexplicably dithered from making dedicated provisions for climate adaptation in its annual budgets, despite facing the brunt of climate change – it was listed as the seventh most vulnerable in the Climate Risk Index 2021.

No Time to Waste- Publications

The world is grappling with intensifying climate change — temperatures are rising, weather patterns are changing, and extreme events and natural disasters are becoming frequent.

Uncovering nuances with intersectionality- Publications

The relationship between climate change and migration is intricate.

Unpacking the concept of climate migration- Publications

Human mobility in the context of environmental impacts has been gaining increasing attention.

Towards a better climate migration policy landscape in India- Publications

The first two articles of our ‘Under the Weather, On the Move’ blog series talked about the various considerations in conceptualising climate migration, and why migration is usually not the first adaptation strategy when facing a combination of climatic and non-climatic risks.

Risk-based adaptation to ease tropical cyclone impacts- Publications

Cyclone Mocha — the first storm of 2023 in the North Indian Ocean — killed people, destroyed buildings, and caused economic losses in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Eastern India, and Sri Lanka.