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Using COVID-19 Response Measures to Build Resilience in Systems- Publications

In the fight against COVID-19, India announced INR 1.

Climate Change Risks to Rainfed Agriculture in Karnataka: Implications for Building Resilience- Publications

Climate change increases strain on agriculture systems through changes in the magnitude, distribution, and timing of rainfall; rise in temperature; and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events.

Building Resilience in Power Sector- Publications

Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, absorb, accommodate, and recover from the effects of a potentially hazardous event.

OPINION: Knowing what is at stake - Climate risk assessment for resilience and adaptation- Publications

Climate change will amplify the existing risks and create new risks for natural and socio-economic systems.

Multidimensional Policies for Rural Climate Resilience- Publications

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on unprecedented adversities for rural populations worldwide, endangering livelihoods and causing psycho-social impacts.

No Time to Waste- Publications

The world is grappling with intensifying climate change — temperatures are rising, weather patterns are changing, and extreme events and natural disasters are becoming frequent.

Climate resilience must be built into infrastructure and social and political systems- Publications

Any development programme can foster climate adaptation and mitigation benefits; it must also, however, feature self-reflection and system assessments.

Sustainable Access for All: Building Sustainability into Universal Energy Access- Publications

This paper investigates whether the goal of universal energy access in the post-MDGs dialogue sufficiently addresses the challenges faced by the Southern countries.

Sustainable Urban Planning to Counter Pandemics- Publications

Every epidemic leaves a distinct mark on our cities.

Foolproofing the Future- Publications

The deluge of recent calamities including Cyclone Amphan, floods in Assam, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, and the wildfires in California and Oregon bears testimony to the recurrence of climate crises in rapid succession.

National Law and Policy Hackathon- Events

CSTEP partnered with E-Cell at the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) for the first National Law and Policy Hackathon.

Climate Risk Profile for Power Sector in Karnataka- Publications

Power infrastructure, which includes assets for generation, transmission, and distribution of power, is vulnerable to manifestations of climate change.