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Mapping air pollution in Bengaluru using low-cost sensors and mobile monitoring data- Publications

To effectively manage air pollution, we need to measure it accurately and at high spatial resolution.

Monte Carlo simulation of electric double-layer capacitors in Gibbs ensemble- Publications

We use molecular simulation to study the electric double-layer (EDLC) to understand this behaviour.

Performance Assessment of Low-Cost PM2.5 Sensors- Publications

Air pollution monitoring is an important aspect of air quality management.

The dilemma with low-cost sensors- Publications

Low-cost air quality sensors are the talk of the town.

Best Practices for Deploying and Maintaining a Low-Cost PM2.5 Sensor Network- Publications

Strategically placed sensors can monitor air pollution and provide a detailed picture of air quality and its variability within a region.

Multiple PM Low-Cost Sensors, Multiple Seasons’ Data, and Multiple Calibration Models- Publications

In this study, we combined state-of-the-art data modelling techniques (machine learning [ML] methods) and data from state-of-the-art low-cost particulate matter (PM) sensors (LCSs) to improve the accuracy of LCS-measured PM2.