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Assessing Impacts of Economic Growth Trajectories on Climate Goals: A CGE-TIMES Framework for India- Publications

Our study aims to simulate India’s long-term economic growth trajectories and assess the implications on energy and emissions till 2030.

Examining Sustainable Pathways for India’s Development Aspirations- Publications

Energy-environment-economy models (commonly known as E3) are often used to explore greenhouse gas mitigation policies.

Compilation of Input-Output Table and Social Accounting Matrix for India- Publications

CSTEP aims to contribute to India's macroeconomic database of Input-Output Tables (IOTs) and Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs) by compiling matrices for an updated base year.

Energy and Emissions Implications for a Desired Quality of Life in India- Projects

Key Objective: The main objective of this project is to develop an energy model as a visualisation and planning tool (Decision Support System) that will enable policymakers to create and test their strategies virtually.